Cards with the intention to support in understanding yourself as an essential part of the Whole.

  • Here and Now.
  • Intention is Self-Development

  • Focus on:
  • Introspection
  • Reflection
  • Perspective
  • Oversight
  • Bringing Calm

  • Card deck consists of:
    76 Cards:
  • 2 State of being Cards; Zero Point and I Am
  • 21 Cycle Cards; 7 Mascuine; 7 Feminine and 7 Child cards
  • 53 Environment cards

  • 4 laying possibilities:
  • Quick
  • Inception
  • Metamorphosis
  • Completion
  • This follows the Movement for the Evolutionary Process of Human Kind: The Butterfly Card deck is sold with or without lesson about laying and explanation of the different cards
    Lesson in person in Rotrerdam the Neterhlands, or trought Skype

Explanation of the Dance of Life wisdom cards by Inge A. Blei: