Consciousness and Awareness

Intragent is my business vehicle which I use to life / experience spirituality in the normal world.

Spirituality is part of normal life, every step that you will take is part of the path you follow / walk during your time on this earth. I started my personal spiritual journey about 35 years ago and am still learning every day. I was born with the ability to raise energy without any problem and can do this 24/7 and this healing ability runs through everything I do.

I try to incorporate my spirituality in every step I take personally and during my business ventures. This means to be transparant, honest and without judgement.

The current state of the earth makes it still necessary to work and bring in money to pay for the bills, but most important thing is that you do this in a neat, honest and clean way.

Normal business practice can be joyful and pleasant to do. In my case the main advantage is that you encounter people form all over the world.

If you let money go as the main drive and see business as a way to connect with people you will find, like me that it can be a nice way to learn and educate people who come on your path.

This why you can see a listing of my current ventures:

Intragent [ ] is my one person company, where Intragent stands for International Agent. work for overseas companies and try to sell their products here on the local market.

  • Bliss-Garment, screen-printed garments
  • LED-lighting form different Chinese manufacturers
  • Mosquito nets against malaria, we produce nets for foreign companies who supply to Unicef, Gobal Fund, USAID and others
  • Oil derivates trading
  • Healing in the broadest sense

You can contact me by [ E-mail ] or call me at +31 (06)54 708548

Willem Dirk Peeters
Eric Kropstraat 4
3071 AE Rotterdam
The Netherlands